Uncle Donald's Castro Street

Selections from the comments of 1999 visitors . . .

On 5/5/99 ...
Stephanie Phillips
Comments: Dear Uncle Don, It looks FABULOUS! Thanks again for being the best cybrarian I know, and for sending me suggestions of what to do and how to get about in SF. (I will e mail you today personally about that)! The site looks great, and you are wonderful as ever, and I hope that you are doing well. You should publish a book on San Francisco using all your wonderful photographs. . . (or am I behind the times and you've accomplished that already? If so, I WANT IT!) I could donate it to Oglethorpe's Library. :) Be good. . . or if not, be bad and enjoy yourself. xxxxoooo

On 4/13/99 ...
Dennis Ferch aka Eric Dennis
From: Saint Paul Minnesota
Comments: Thanks for the memories I used to live at 444 castro street in 1973 to 1978 not at that location all 5 years but in the castro area as well I was part of the Bear Hollow kitchen staff (chef) and lived next door infact my bedroom window was on the same level as the back door to the kitchen at bear hollow >>>>>>>> I enjoy your site it is fabulous (absolutely)! I do have some things from my memory banks and pictures that I will scan and will be in touch! You may have to prompt some things out butt oh how fun .: here are some of the other names to jogg the memories The Naked Grape,Mind Shaft,I used to luv the Sun (Midnite) The Corner Grocery Bar, later Moby Dicks Aquarius Records Oh yes the Patio Cafe (worked there also chef) The Sausage Factory pizza's More to come Anita Still Sux! D&D

On 3/25/99 ...
Michael Wheatley
From: Cincinnati, Ohio
Comments: I really like your page! I lived in SF in 1980, 1981, and 1982. I lived on Corbett actually, and was in the Castro quite a bit. I feel fortunate to have experienced gay life and SF in those days. I remember Patrick Cowley, Magnifique, and Sylvester blaring from the bars, and the hot men roaming the streets. Unfortuantely, many of those faces are gone. I was back in SF in 1997, the weekend Princess Di died. The city is just as wonderful. It calls me back time and again. The gay life though, is not the same. I had my younger friends with me, and I tried to tell them what it was like, but you had to be there to know. I will always smile when I remember those days, at the Troc, and I-Beam, and Alfies. OH GOD!.... I lost touch with two friends over the years. They are Nick Shekro and Roy (Ruel) Alajandro. If they run across this, or anyone knows of them, let me know where they are. THANKS!

On 1/9/99 ...
Erin Werth (Er1ana)
From: Port Orchard / Wash.98366
Comments: This site has brought me back to my memories of my first time in Castro. The day I flirted with women for the first time,the day I received my first pride neckless that I still wear two years later, and the day I got pulled over by a cop for the first time.I enjoyed my time in castro and if I could I would go back and relive the best time of my life. But I have to settle Broadway up here in Seattle which isn't so bad, but it's not CASTRO. Well, this is my little info. on castro and if only you could have been there.Well gotta go.Bye.



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