P R I T I K I N    S C E N E    # 3

" T H E    C A S T R O "



Mt. Olympus ( Corona Heights)...I happen to call that place " Pritikin's Peak!" I used to climb there all year long, sometimes 2 and 3 times a day in all kinds of weather and I have all kinds of great memories and even a few images. It provides a great view of the Castro, a sunny neighborhood of pretty Victorians and handsome men.

The Castro theater is visible on the right edge of the picture. Note the black billboard in the lower left corner. It was at the intersection of Market and Castro in 1981. Featuring a male torso in a towel on wooden planks in a sauna, it advertized the popular Club Baths, known locally as the Ritch Street Baths.

Self Portrait 1977
Corona Heights aka Pritikin's Peak, in 1968 some one painted the top of the rock formation to make it look like it was a snow capped mountain. It was at the same time the Indians were occupying Alcatraz Island in their historic uprising. Never met an evil spirit up there, always peaceful and inviting. I remember in the early 70's when coming down from my perch in the late afternoon...and young people were walking their dogs, with a leash in one hand and and glass of wine in the other...I loved to climb up there sometimes 2 and 3 times a day when they didn't have the built in steps...all year long, days and nights and in the rain or foggy times and or on those crystal clear days. I met so many young men that were going to Vietnam...or kids just visiting S.F. including many foreign kids traveling with their parents, or with friends or by themselves. My favorite spot on earth for over 20 years...


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